Showcase: The Nihilakh Rise

The Nihilakh Rise


For the inaugural Showcase article I thought we would test the ground with my Necron Nihilakh Dynasty. 

When myself and Tom split the Forgebane box I was very excited to dip my (metal) toes back into these soulless automatons. I had a very small Necron force when I was a youngling but never really got past the army box. This was the time when your army would “phase out” if you lost 2/3rds of your models. 

Colour schemes are always a clincher for me and progressing with an army. A wrong choice and my motivation tends to plummet after the first few units, if that. After flicking through the 8th Ed codex the Nihilakh Dynasty were the out and out winners, but I was intent on making a few changes. While the studio army is a mix of the classic silver Necrons with gold and turquoise accent colours, I wanted to really push the opulent nature of this most arrogant of dynasties. With a can of Retributor Armour I had my answer. Now all I had to do is crack the turquoise. 

My attitude with armies over the last few years has changed. With less time and more “life stuffs”, my time at the hobby table has dropped significantly so I search for more and more ways to push the scale of “minimal effort, maximum results”. With that in mind I experimented with “sponging”. This simply means sponging on your chosen colours instead of painting them on. That combined with some super simple weathering (sponging on rhinox hide, then thin lines of silver) gave me an incredibly quick scheme which, in my mind, really holds up and performs past its method.

Favourite Units


While I enjoyed the creepster look of the original wraiths, the new design is just perfect. Half guardian, half mechanic, all phase shifting monster. I really enjoyed using the sponging method on their armour. 

Doomsday Arc

A vehicle that is definitely not compensating for anything. That aside, if I was a fancy robot, I’d be very happy with this hat. 

The Deceiver

One of my favourite models released for the whole range, normally in gold, I felt the studio scheme would be lost in an already very, very gold army. I decided to try something different. I picked up some metallic medium and mixed it with a light grey to create a kind of platinum effect. I fed in the army scheme by painting his cloak turquoise. 


The Nihilakh have swiftly become my favourite army to work with. With the latest wave of miniatures arriving soon, I can’t wait for the Nihilakh to invest in some more reinforcements.