Kill Team Edition

Welcome to the guide post for the very first edition of Realm Rift Roleplay.

Realm Rift Roleplay is a series of hobby-led narrative RPG community projects. With safe gaming close to impossible for most of us, we thought it would be a cathartic experience to work on a project where the gaming side is eliminated completely. The only choices you need to make are about how sweet a weapon looks. This avoids moments where you think to yourself, “how cool is this guy’s hat? But in matched play that hat is so over-costed”. (What is it with all the over-costed hats in Kill Team!?)

How does Kill Team come into it?

It’s “Kill Team Edition” as a concept only, to make you focus on a small group of models. This project will not necessarily give you a legal Kill Team for the actual game. (Especially given all the hats you’re going to be giving them.) If you want to work towards a legal team that may be possible, but by no means guaranteed. In your narrative it could be that the models you’ll be creating were once part of a Kill Team.

How will it work?

Some very light guidelines will be laid out later in this post. You will create a team of 5 models initially. After the first month, and each month from then on, you will make a narrative choice and add a model until the project has reached its conclusion.

There will be 2 very important choices for you to make when you start your Kill Team:

  • Which faction will you choose? Your faction will not change throughout the project but who says you can’t start 2 or 3? Seriously who said you couldn’t? Was it Leonard?
  • Which keyword will you give them? Your chosen keyword will unlock different choices with both models and narrative elements. Your team’s keyword will not change during the project.

Let’s start your Journey!

1. Faction

To begin your journey you must first choose a faction. By faction we mean the army from which your models originate, e.g. Death Guard, Necrons or Genestealer Cults. You may also choose a sub-faction but that will not play into the overall narrative unless you choose for it to do so with the choices you make.

You will then choose a unit with the Troops Battlefield Role, consisting of 5 models. If the Codex states the unit consists of more than 5 models, reduce it to 5 for this project. Elect one of these 5 as your leader.

2. Keyword

The keyword you choose will unlock extra or different narrative choices on your journey. We suggest picking the one that makes the most interesting narrative for your team.

Here are the five keywords with some examples of what they could mean to your team. It’s really important you interpret what the word means to your team, these are just examples.

  • The Honour Bound: the end doesn’t justify the means, fighting face to face, fighting for what’s right.
  • The Marooned: lost with no hope of return, betrayed by their kin, searching for a means of escape.
  • The Condemned: a hard choice backfired, declared traitors, broken ancient oaths.
  • The Artisans: new and unseen weapons, fight with the strokes of an artist, own forged armour.
  • The Redeemed: the signal they were chasing was important, the path they chose was wrong but will be rectified, no one knows they are right other than their deity.

3. Team Construction

So, you have your chosen faction, unit and keyword! Time to start building models.

Follow these steps to build your models and let your creativity flow! Each member will have their basic loadout unless the option to change is given below. Some choices may seem a bit abstract, but they will help with narrative choices down the line.

  1. Leader: may have a better than standard melee or pistol weapon.
  2. First Mate: may have a piece of better armour or a lucky charm.
  3. Lookout: may have an auspex or binoculars.
  4. Specialist: may have a special weapon or demolitions.
  5. Green: no additional options. Sorry, Green.

4. Narrative Choices

  1. What planet are your Kill Team on and what are its unique features?
  2. Why has your Kill Team got its chosen Keyword?
  3. Why are your Kill Team there?
  4. What is your Kill Team’s name?
  5. What are your Kill Team member’s names? Why not give them a one-line description as well?
  6. What is your Kill Team’s mission?

5. Month One

For Month One, you need to make the important choices outlined above. You will build (and hopefully paint) your initial Kill Team ready for them to enter the fray.

See you in Month Two!