Realm Rift Roleplay Chapter 2

Welcome to the 2nd month of Realm Rift Roleplay!

Hopefully all your kill teams are progressing nicely. I’ve seen a few and they are stunning! I can’t wait to see more.

So here we are the choices for month 2. Simply find your keyword and make your decision. I’d love to see some of your choices and reasons behind them on twitter. Remember to tag your work with #RRRKT.

The Marooned: you’re being followed by something or someone. In the dead of night it approaches your camp. Is it friendly or aggressive?

Add a model to your kill team to represent one of the 2 options. The creature can be anything you want.

The Honourbound: the people of the planet welcome you to their city. They delegate a diplomatic guide to your team, but is it really a guide or actually a spy?

Add a model to your kill team to represent one of the 2 options. Are they a helpful retainer or a double agent?

The Artisans: your team follows a beacon. Upon arriving at the destination a blinking light illuminates an abandoned armoured container. You open it.

Add a mechanical asset to your kill team. We suggest large enough to fit on a 50mm base.

The Redeemed: when you thought your cause was wavering, it appears! Was it left by the ones you worship or was it just a coincidence?

Add a relic to your force. What this relic is is completely up to you!

The Condemned: you thought you’d lost them but your pursuers have sent an agent to hunt you.

Add a “hunter” to your kill team.

Well let’s get to it! I’ve got a few ideas for my Gellerpox Kill Team that I’m excited to start making.