Death Guard Codex Review

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A fetid haze drawing in can only mean one thing! We have our Death Guard Codex top 3 run down. Here at Realm Rift we try not to focus too much on the competitive strength of a new codex, but more on how it feels as a cohesive force, considering how enjoyable the rules are, and the narrative play aspects such as the Crusade system. 

3. Spreaders Of Disease.

There are lots of really great additions for your Death Guard and with it comes to the Crusade system but for me the top pick has to be Spreaders Of Disease. Boiled down what you have is your force’s own homegrown contagion. It’s made up of 3 parts: Vector, Infection and Terminus, each with 6 possible choices, all with horrible names! During their crusade your force can upgrade characters to gain the Plague Carrier keyword which makes them a host for your force’s contagion. 

2. Plague Companies.

To add extra flavour to your Death Guard you can now apply a Plague Company keyword to them. Numbered between 1 and 7 each has an extra Stratagem, Warlord Trait and a Relic. These are very fun and add some real texture to your army. 

1. Art and Lore.

If you are familiar with previous generations of codexes you’ll know that the lore section of the 9th ed books have changed somewhat. This was a bit of shock for me at first as it seems a bit reduced in the new books but after a little pondering I think it’s for the best. Most codexes from previous editions would have a description for each and every unit, and let’s face it, there’s only so much you can say about a Plague Marine. Now what we get is a more summarised version of the army itself but lots of new lore on subjects such as the The Tri-Forge Cluster War Zone and the Venomariners. The art has really hit the tone perfectly. Glorious sepia and green filtered artwork is matched up with lovely lore box-outs. 

Final thoughts

As a Death Guard collector I’ve loved getting to grips with the latest codex. While I can’t really comment on whether the book is more competitive than the previous one (the internet says it is so it must be true, right?) I can say that it’s a much more wonderful book to own. While I’m a bit sad that it’s void of any painting guides I can understand the need to cut down on sections to fit in the great Crusade section.

So, if you are in the mood for a bit more pestilence then I doubt you’ll be disappointed!