Underhive Market Review

So, it turns out I’m the first little piggy, who’d of thought it. That’s right, I’m off to the Underhive Market!

A review copy of the Underhive Market was sent to us by Games Workshop for this article.

When the Underhive Market was first revealed I was ecstatic, any terrain that adds huge narrative elements to the battlefield is a big win in my book. Much in the same vein as it’s Zone Mortalis sibling: Gang Stronghold, it gives you an extra layer of depth to your games. I say games rather than Necromunda specifically because I will be using this kit a lot in Kill Team as well.

We will be doing a Book Of Outcasts article in the near future but boiling the info down, in Necromunda the Underhive Market works like a loot box that you can continuously loot, but also might explode! Which seems a risk any ganger will be willing to take

Building the kit had its highs and lows. You get two duplicate sprues which allows you to build, in total, 2x large market stalls, 2x small market stalls, 2X gun racks and various cool boxes,crates etc. What is very neat is you can play about with the construction and there’s dividers that allow you to connect the different market stalls. There are lots of little narrative components that I adore like mugs, vases, buckets, coin piles and more.

Anyone that knows me knows I’m not a fan of the building element of our wonderful hobby. As a father with little to no free time, spending that free time building models and not catching up on stuff like: sleep, painting, TV and/or weeping in a dark corner, seems a waste – and the market stall elements of this box takes a little more time to clean up than I’d of liked. I’m sure there are many of you that will just breeze through these and not bat an eyelid but I just get bored of cleaning up models very quickly.

Painting the kit was liberating in its ease. I wanted to push just how quickly I could get the main elements of the market painted and I managed it in 2 hobby sittings which was probably around the 4 hour mark. I wanted to make the canvases as filthy as possible so I added overly heavy handed brushfulls of Agrax Earthshade then a sponging of Dryad Bark. 

An element that I love from this kit is the ability to make a story. From my photo you can, hopefully, tell the story of a game of chance over a morning coffee that maybe turned violent or was broken up by heavy handed enforcers!

Please say that’s tomato soup in that bucket!

Price wise, sitting at £30rrp (£24 with a 20% independent stockist discount) I think it’s a nifty little kit for any Necromunda fan looking at adding to their terrain set up. I’d be looking to pick up 2 to make a nice full market area but just 1 will make for a lovely little change of scenery (I did a lol).

So, my final thoughts, is it essential? No, but is it fun, story driven and would I recommend it? Yes 100%. I’d love to see more kits in line with this one. I really enjoyed painting this kit, and even elements of building it, and I can’t wait to be chasing gangers through this abandoned part of the hive!

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