Kill Team: Starter Set Review

A review copy of the Kill Team: Starter Set was sent to us by Games Workshop for this article.

So you may be wondering “didn’t we already get a new Kill Team box set?”, the answer is yes and no. Last year the Kill Team: Octarius box set was released. This box was a real “in the deep end” purchase. You got the full Kill Team experience, but it came at a higher price point. So what if you, and maybe a friend (ah friend), just wanted to give the system a try before making a firmer, more expensive commitment? That’s where the new Starter Set comes in. 

Within the Starter Set you’ll find everything you need to play Kill Team, albeit in an ever so lighter way. You’ll have 2 Kill Teams: Veteran Guardsmen and Kommandos, dice, tokens, measuring widgets, a mini core rulebook, a “recruit edition” book, a play mat (not board) and some Orky scatter terrain. Not bad for £65 considering both the Kill Teams are about £35 each if you are going to pick them up by themselves. I said an ever so lighter way earlier because you don’t get “full fledged” terrain like you did in the Octarius box, but that can be argued as a positive thing, as for me one of the overly heavy rules sections in Kill Team is for the terrain, all the terrain included in the starter set is also ready to use when it’s clipped of the sprue so no building required. You do miss out on the Tac Ops cards, which are not essential for learning the core rules of the game, but you’ll want them as soon as you and your opponent want to play a full game. 

The “recruit edition” book is a really nice glossy mini book which describes the game, its setting as well as the lore for the two Kill Teams. It holds your hand through 4 mini missions which progressively adds more of the rules and gives you a solid foundation to grow on. I would like to have seen some guidance in the build manual to which load outs are required, as the tutorial requests specific load outs that you might not have built if you tackle the models first. 

The box as a whole is delightfully un-intimidating, I think if you were jumping into the hobby itself for the first time then opening the Octarius box could have been a bit of a shock to the system, where this box keeps the complexity relatively low.

A true highlight is the mini rulebook – this might just be me but micro sized rulebooks always bring a smile to my face, as it means one fewer hefty book to lug about! It might be sad, but this really is my favourite part of the box

So would I recommend you to pick this box up? It’s a yes, with a but:

If you’re completely new to the hobby: I’d suggest checking out more coverage of the game, and if you really like the look of it, and the box is still available, picking up the Octarius version. With no Obscuring terrain pieces in the Starter Set you miss out on an important part of the game (working through the various conditions to achieve Line Of Site), but maybe that’s beneficial when you’re learning (because the double page spread from the rule book on “Line of Sight” takes some hardcore studying). If the Octarius box isn’t available anymore then I’d pick this box up for sure, then maybe some larger terrain later along your journey.

If you are already a hobbyist but new to Kill Team: If you already have some terrain but are new to Kill Team then I think this set is a perfect starting point. 

Overall I think this an excellent box and I’m looking forward to what GW have installed for Kill Team’s future.