Kill Team Spec Ops: The Eight-blessed Malevolents

A review copy of Kill Team: Moroch was supplied by Games Workshop for this article.

When the Moroch box was revealed I was mega excited, as it just had everything I was interested in: Fronteris terrain, the first Space Marine kill team and the amazingly characterful Traitor Guard models (including the Enforcer and Ogryn I missed from Black Stone Fortress). 

A quick sideline, this box is amazing. I thought it was going to be hard to beat the Nachmund box but wow, Moroch has. Both teams look extremely fun but after reading the lore at the beginning of the book, I had to go for the Blooded (traitor guard). I was so enamoured by them that I decided they would be my first narrative run kill team. 

So why this team? I’m a huge fan of the Blood Pact from the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels, and the fantastic Volpone Glory, as well as most good stories where standard imperial citizens turn to the ruinous powers. Let’s face it, we’ve come to learn that the life of an Imperial citizen is not what anyone wants: constant gruelling work, food rations and recycled water are all part of the imperial grind. As an outside observer, with all the facts, we know that lending an ear to one of the dark gods is a bad bad idea, like really bad… it’s bad, don’t do it, but these folk don’t have those facts. They see an escape, someone will listen to their prayers if they just pray to someone/something different, and tangible gifts! Power, respect and everything else and all they have to do is serve another master. Sadly the chaos pantheon rarely gives its followers all the T&Cs upon application. So it was sealed, I’m choosing the Blooded for my Spec Ops. 

1: Name: There’s a great selection of possibilities here but I went with The Eight-blessed Malevolents. Suitably over the top for the background I chose.  

2: Base Of Operations: What a hard decision. A “Despoiled Shrine“ was tempting but I couldn’t resist our old workhorse, the Chimera! I even have a model which I’m planning to paint up so I can put it on the board during games. 

3. Operative Names: My favourite thing about these tables is that you get a nice mix of standard surnames and more chaos-based monikers like “the Beast” or “the Flenser”. 

4. Background: This was a tough one. All are superb. The front runner for a while was “Blades of the Serpent” which is a Blooded kill team working deep undercover for the Alpha Legion but I feel it’s a bit too grandiose for my team. I settled on “The Worm, Turned” which represents my team, in their former employment, being the “lowest of the low” and now they have a new opportunity to show everyone just how ambitious and committed they really are. 

5: Squad Quirk: Fitting to the underdog motief of my kill team I went with “Obsessive Scheming”. It feels true to them that they would need to use every dirty trick they could to get to the top of the run.

With those 5 categories decided, my kill team was ready to hit the board. I’m really excited to start playing the narrative missions in Moroch as they have introduced the Sentires phase, an almost mini pre-game of sneaking about to gain the upper hand mission to come. 

Some awesome Blooded artwork. pg.27 Moroch Codex. Copyright Games Workshop.

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to my new kill team and I will be keeping you all updated with their exploits in the campaign to come.