How to pick your Horus Heresy Legion

With the new version of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy out soon, and us being sent a rather lovely Army of Darkness box from Games Workshop (thank you!), I thought it would be a good idea to help those considering jumping in to pick their Legion.

This is dedicated to that reddit meme (if anyone knows the original poster please let me know so I can credit properly!)

You pick Alpha Legion. You tell no one.

You go and buy the Libre Astartes book to throw Gary off the scent as you mentioned to him that you liked the Alpha Legion that time you went to Warhammer World together.

Next up you see what factions your gaming buddies are doing and pick one to complement them. “Let’s all be loyalists – yaaaaaay”. This is incorrect. You tell them you are going to do Imperial Fists. This is a lie.

You post some WIPs of your yellow Mark-III marines from the Age of Darkness box. This is a lie. You bought an extra Age of Darkness box online – you would not covet your TRUE Age of Darkness marines with YELLOW.

Meanwhile you hide your true Age of Darkness box marines in sporadic places around the globe. You go cave diving and hide a sprue in the most secretive place… for later. You book a cruise to the Bahamas. You don’t go on it. It’s a decoy. Instead you steal a boat and sink some sprues in the middle of the Atlantic. You repeat this type of process (decoy cruises and all) until all the sprues are safe.

You play a few games with your “Imperial Fists” talking about your love of the Emperor and how much you’d like to buy Rogal Dorn sometime soon. This is all a lie. Your Imperial Fists are actually just Alpha Legion, but you tell no one.

You suggest to your Heresy buddies that you should all go to Warhammer World and buy your Primarchs in person. You all go to Warhammer World. You pickup Rogal Dorn and joke to Gary “I hope there isn’t accidentally an Alpharius in here – hahaha”. This is lie. 

You buy Rogal Dorn.

When you leave Warhammer World you say to Gary that you left your coat in Bugman’s. This is a lie – you never brought a coat.

You go to get your “coat”. You purchase Alpharius. You take out the Rogal Dorn resin and throw it in the bin. The attendant in Warhammer World looks at you with confusion. You put the Alpharius resin in the Rogal Dorn box. Now there really is an Alpharius in there. You tell no one.

You never play with Alpharius. This is a lie. You ALWAYS play with Alpharius – he’s just pretending to be some generic tac-marine.

You think back to when you made the choice to play Alpha legion and how awesome they are. This is a lie. You never made a choice. 

You were always Alpha Legion.