Kill Team Annual 2022 Review

A copy of this publication was supplied by Games Workshop for this review.

Well this item was a little unexpected, but what a welcomed surprise! What I want to achieve with this review is to help you determine whether it is an essential purchase for you.

So what do you get in this year’s annual? The book is made up of 2 parts: missions and kill teams. 


The mission section is made up of 3 categories: multiplayer missions, last stand missions and sentries missions.

Multiplayer Missions

Veteran players of the original Kill Team will be aware that missions gave you the option of playing with multiple people and this return has brought a massive smile to my face. In this pack we get three 3-player missions and three 4-player missions. 

If you did play the original 3 or 4 player KT missions, then you’d be aware that the fun was at the forefront, and while this is also true in the new ones, the designers have also added some really interesting rules to try and streamline the game length. In multiplayer games you use 2 Kill Team boards, making a 30” by 44” board and Tac ops are not used, mission VP are capped at 18 (instead of 12) and you do not have a Scouting Step (you instead determine initiative by using the same dice roll order that you used for setting up). I’m very excited to give these missions a go on a chilled-out games night where the less competitive nature can really shine.         

Last Stand Mission Pack

So this is a “Shadow Operations” pack, which means it’s a more narrative-based pack rather than competitive. 

In a Last Stand mission, players take turns playing a kill team who are, quite aptly, making their last stand. They have run out of time/equipment/places to run. What this leads to is an almost Home Alone (or Kill Team 2: Lost In Imperium Nihilus) esque mission where the cornered kill team almost chooses the board layout and then purchases a series of booby traps they can use to try and hold out for as long as possible. This where I discovered how much I love this mission pack, because the defender can’t win. The game lasts until the defender is wiped out. What happens if the attacker gets wiped out? They don’t, as the operatives from the attacker’s kill team keep entering the killzone once they have been incapacitated. Once the defender has been wiped out the players play again but swap roles and they see who can survive the longest, that player being crowned the winner. 

There is also an excellent double-page spread on booby traps the studio team have made and I love the idea of making custom ones for each faction. 


So here we come to the first piece of content you may have seen before. These rules were first published in White Dwarf and they are presented here again. It contains rules for a pre-game mini game where you take a smaller force of operatives who are trying to sneak by your opponent’s sentries. 

Kill Teams 

So now we step into the second half of the book: the kill teams. First off, we have the Elucidian Starstriders and Geller Pox Infected. Both these kill teams premiered in the Rogue Trader expansion box for the original edition of Kill Team, but in this edition, particularly in Galldowdark, they really shine. Just getting the models re-released is a spot of excellent news, let alone the fact that both teams seem to have really fun rules. Both kill teams are also pre-set so you don’t need to spend any time working out what you are taking. 

The Elucidian Starstriders are a great mix of Imperial specialist operatives and Voidsmen led by a Rogue Trader – if you loved the GW game Inquisitor, this is the team for you. They have 2 abilities: first is the Warrant Of Trade, which grants them 3 perks during the game ranging from extra CP to allowing an extra 6 points of equipment (one of my personal favourites). The second ability is Privateer Support Assets, these are similar to the Veteran Guard auxiliary support weapons but, in my opinion, lots stronger! It seems like Rogue Traders can afford a lot better orbital support.  

The Gellerpox Infected consist of Hulking Nightmares and lumbering mutants, with a few pesky tech nurglings (glitchlings) thrown in. What a stunning kill team to start with, for me some of the top models in the Kill Team range lie in this team. In the lore, they are a ship’s crew who have been infected by warp taint after the ship’s Geller field (responsible for protecting the ship from daemon entries during warp transit) has failed. This team’s abilities are solid. First up they get Revoltingly Resilient which grants them a 5+ roll after they take wounds to prevent them, but they also get Techno-Curse, which reduces the number of attack dice from ranged weapons when a Glitchling is close by. One of my favourite things about this kill team, other than having 4 Ogryn-sized operatives, is that the little grubs and vermin from the set are now taken as equipment rather than operatives. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing these teams on the table, and I think they are a good choice if you’re looking for a best painted award at an event as both teams just scream fun. 

The last section of the book contains 4 kill teams that have been in recent White Dwarfs: Warpcoven, Hunter Clade, Wyrmblade and Void-dancer Troupe. I was not sure how I felt about this as half of the content in this book is articles from White Dwarves that I already own (I realise that not everyone may have them). I’ve checked the online FAQs to see if the kill teams had been updated following erratas, strangely the answer is yes and no. So there aren’t many stats or re-wordings for the White Dwarf-printed teams and from what I checked, all but 1 had been updated – the Void-dancer Troupe Shadowseer hasn’t had the psyker keyword added. Having those teams in one place is useful so I think I’m good with the reprinted content.


All in all I really like the Kill Team 22 Annual. I really hope it’s a yearly thing so I don’t need to hang on to old White Dwarfs. The new multiplayer missions are ace, as is the Last Stand pack. The Elucidian Starstiders and Gellorpox are a very welcome addition to the game and having all the White Dwarf teams in one place is pretty helpful, particularly if you got into the game after these articles were printed or if you missed those issues.       

Now is the best time to get into Kill Team, as you can download the lite rules and the rules for recruiting a Space marine Intercessor team using this link: